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What are Domains

The Domain Name System, or DNS, translates human-readable domain names into computer-readable Internet Protocol addresses. Thus, people can use your memorable and easy-to-articulate domain to access your site. In a way, the Domain Name System is like an "online telephone book". Some web hosts, though, allow you to only host one single domain name per account, but for a few dollars more, you can purchase a web hosting plan that allows you to host multiple domains.

Multiple Domain Name Hosting Services Offered by Brandsnet

We offer more than 140 tlds

Prices Starts From: $5.99 /yr

At Brandsnet, we offer domain registration and web hosting services and allows you to register and host an unmetered number of domains. The domain registration procedure, though, is a time-demanding process – depending on the top-level domain name extension, you may need to fill in many different forms. This is the reason why Brandsnet offers you multiple-year multi-domain name registration options.

All shared hosting plans we offered feature our innovative in-house developed Domain Manager, which covers all aspects of domain name management. This easy-to-use user interface offers domain parking and redirection options and allows you to edit your WHOIS info and DNS records, to renew multiple domains and more.